Underground World Heritage guided tours


19-Lachter Stollen and 13-Lachter-Stollen

Marvel at the deep water solution tunnels of the formerly free mountain town of Wildemann.



Eichelberg water tunnels

On a surface and underground excursion through the last Upper Harz mine.




Mining railway and water tunnel

Experience the Bremerhöhe above and below ground






Dorotheer Rösche and Caroline Ventilation Shaft

Experience the remains of the most productive Upper Harz mines.






Tour of discovery Altensegener Rösche

Underground through the Rosenhöfer area.







Big water transport tunnel tour

For those interested in adventure: Above and below ground through the Upper Harz






Hasenbacher Wasserlauf

Tour of discovery below the pond landscape of Buntenbock





Adventuretour Bremerhöhe

A very special nature experience.