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Historic Mining 3D


Since March 2018, the Mining Archeology Unit of the Lower Saxony State Office for Monument Preservation (NLD), the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, Museum & Visitor Mine and the Institute for Geotechnics and Mine Surveying at the Clausthal University of Technology (TU) have been running the project “Old Mining 3D. An interdisciplinary project to research the historical mining heritage in the Harz ”. The Rammelsberg Mine Foundation, Old Town of Goslar and Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft as well as Bergbau Goslar GmbH are also involved. The research project is being fully financed for three years by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with just under half a million euros. The project is dedicated to two areas: the mine building of today's Rammelsberg World Heritage Site and the historical mining models, primarily from the collection of the Upper Harz Mining Museum in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The aim of the project is to gain new insights and impulses for the mining history of the Harz from the intersection of the interdisciplinary knowledge. For this purpose, the digital copies created are analyzed, previously unprocessed archive materials are evaluated and mining archaeological investigations are carried out. The 3D models created represent a photo-realistic documentation of the current situation and can be made available to mining researchers online. At the same time, they have a special meaning for communicating to the public: Not only replicas are possible, but using methods of virtual reality, for example, inaccessible areas or animated bicycle rooms can be walked through and made tangible in their complexity. Here you can find out more about the "Old Mining in 3D" project.

Model collection Upper Harz Mining Museum

This link takes you to the digitized model collection of the Upper Harz Mining Museum.