Room bookings

Red House

Whether for a birthday, wedding or confirmation, in the Red House you will find everything you need for your celebration. 

The rooms provide space for 30-35 people and are provided with tables and chairs, a fully equipped coffee kitchen including crockery and a large refrigerator as well as enough sanitary facilities.

Room rental* / event (up to 4 hours)€150.00
Each additional hour €20.00 

*The rooms rental includes the setting up of tables and chairs as well as the final cleaning of the rooms, which must be left broom-clean. 

Horse capstan building

The horse capstan is an original historic installation from mining in the Upper Harz. Such capstan were previously built next to mine shafts in order to use horse power to hoist ore to the surface. The building in the open-air part of the museum today offers a room for your event during the warmer months of the year. If desired, the room can be equipped with tables and benches. It provides space for around 70 people. A counter with electricity and water supply i available in the horse capstan building. 


Undergound room „Steigerbucht“

This charming room with its vaulted cellar atmosphere is located underground in the exhibition mine of the museum. Equipped with rustic benches and tables we offer you here a very unusual room for your event.


The "Steigerbucht" provides space for around 20 people. If desired, we will set up the room for you and provide the drinks and catering for a traditional miners' "Tzscherper" meal. 


Room rental for the "Steigerbucht" (up to 4 hours)€150.00
Underground meal*                                                                                                                                     Price on inquiry

*If desired, we will set up the room for you and provide the drinks and catering for an underground dinner.

Please note

The premises of the museum is a protected historic monument.
Therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited on the entire site.

Ottiliae Shaft

The Ottiliae Shaft is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Harz Water Management System. At the beginning of the 19th century, its installations were some of the most modern mining facilities in the whole of Europe.

The former machine hall offer space for around 40 people and, if desired, can be equipped with benches and tables.



Machine hall* (short use up to 1 hour)€100.00
Machine hall* (uo to 4 hours)€250.00
Machine hall* incl. catering (4 hours)€500.00
Each further hour**€20.00

* The room rental includes supervision of the building, which is a protected historic monument, by museum personnel. 
** incl. supervision