Museum rules

I. General

In the exhibition mine, some of the areas you will enter require increased caution.

II. Lockers

Rucksacks, bags etc. can be stored in our lockers.

III. Underground

In the underground areas there is mostly a constant temperature of 10° to 12° Celsius. You can enter these areas with normal street clothing and robust shoes. Kepping clothing clean is the responsibility of the visitor. Please enter the underground areas only accompanied by our guide and follow the guide's instructions. Do not enter the closed-off areas. 

IV. Children

Not all guided tours are suitable for small children. Please ask our visitor service or the booking office in advance. We recommend a minimum age of four years.

V. Toilets

During the opening times, there are publicly accessible toilets in the museum building.

VI. Climbing on machines and installations

Because of the danger of accidents, it is not allowed to climb on the machines and installations.

VII. Supervision of children

Parents, guardians and other responsible persons (teachers, carers, etc.) are responsible for supervising minors throughout their visit to the museum. 

VIII. Animals

With the exception of guide dogs, animals my not be brought into the museum. 

IX. Filming and photography, drones

Filming and photography for your own private use is allowed. Personality rights must be respected. Commercial fliming and photography is subject to approval and payment, and must be registered before visiting the museum. Drones may only overfly the premises after obtaining specific permission.

X. Publication of photographs and films of events

By taking part in and event, guests and those participating in the organization declare themselves in agreement with the publication of photgraphs and films of the event within the framework of the internet presence of the Upper Harz Mining Museum and its external locations, in social networks or in its own print ducoumentaion.

XI. Closure of individual areas

Its is possible that as a result of safety obligations or special events particular areas are closed and cannot be visited.

XII. Admission tickets

Your admission tickets are valid for a single entry and are not transferable. Please keep your admission ticket until the end of your visit.

XIII. Lost proberty 

Please hand in any items found to the museum reception desk.

XIIII. Behavior on the premises of the museum

Persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other substances my not take part in guided tours. Smoking is forbidden on the entire premises. Persons whose behaviour disrupts or endangers museum operations or damages the museum's reputation my be excluded from visiting the museum. This also applies to violations of these visitor regualtions.The admission fee will not be refunded. 

XV. Liability

Visitors are liable for all damage and consequential damage in the area of the museum caused by them. Parents are liable for their children.