Upper Harz Water Management System

Upper Harz Water Management System

The Upper Harz Water Management System is a more than 800-year-old system of ponds, ditches and water transport tunnels, which enabled water power to be used for mining. It is one of the largest preindustrial energy supply systems in the world and for this reason since 2010 ist has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System.

Come with us on a journey through time in the history of mankind! A fascinating cultural landscape awaits you over an area of more than 200 km².

Today romantically dreamy, this was once the scene of hard everyday work. You will discover a wide range of themes from mining and energy provision to architecture and the changing landscape. Started in the Middle Ages, the Upper Harz Water Management System provided the decisive source of power for mining in the Upper Harz for centuries. Even after 800 years, some parts of it are still used for energy supply and are thereby exemplary for sustainability.

This unusual interaction between nature and culture can be explored in the midst of mountain meadows and forests, on picturesque hiking trails, narrow path and in historic mines. Discover underground the hidden world of shafts, galleries and water tunnels or explore the variety of ditches, ponds and dams above ground, which were created by human hand over centuries and caused extensive changes to the landscape. 

Our World Heritage Guides will open the door for you to the hidden treasures of Harz both above and below ground. 

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