world heritage informationcenter

The World Heritage Information Centres - your ideal introduction to the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz Mountains

The information centres on the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Rammelsberg Mine, Old Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management" are open for you at the Walkenried and Goslar sites. In an exciting exhibition, you can inform yourself free of charge at partly interactive stations about the topic of World Heritage.

The barrier-free information centres serve as an overview of the UNESCO World Heritage and form the prelude to the original locations in the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains. At the respective locations, they primarily assume the function of "spotlights" for the places in the immediate vicinity and convey their special features. At the Walkenried site, these more closely illuminated places are the Cistercian Museum Kloster Walkenried, the Samson pit in Sankt Andreasberg or the Oder pond of the Upper Harz water management in the middle of in the Harz National Park. The Goslar site illuminates the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site and the old town of Goslar.

The importance of UNESCO World Heritage sites for the entire world community is also presented – World Heritage belongs to everyone and connects people across borders.

3D model, video projection and media terminal

At the heart of each World Heritage Information Centre is a 3D landscape model with video projection, which illustrates the process of change in the 3,000-year-old cultural landscape in the Western Harz. Man – nature – technology are brought into a temporal and content-related context. The film offers guests the unique opportunity to get a bird's eye view of the entire world heritage in the Harz and its underground dimensions, but also its impressive get to know impressive history.

At a media terminal, visitors can obtain comprehensive information about all offers and events in the World Heritage. With an individually compiled information and wish list, you can then leave the World Heritage Information Centre and explore the World Heritage on site.


After the World Heritage Information Centre in Walkenried opened in june 2020, the World Heritage Information Centre in the Old Town Hall in Goslar was added in April 2022. Another Another World Heritage Information Centre will be set up in Clausthal-Zellerfeld on 18 September 2022. They are important tourism infrastructure measures and, in addition to the development and mediation of the World Heritage sites, contribute to a better networking of the existing offerings in the World Heritage.


A first view into the world heritage information center Clausthal-Zellerfeld