Museum and exhibition mine

Museum and exhibition mine


The mining and cultural collection of the Upper Harz Mining Museum is located in two 300-year-old houses. With the help of a large number of exhibits, the working conditions and way of life of a population whose livelihood was based on mining from many centuries is presented. In 29 exhibition rooms, we display tools, coins, mining lamps, archaeological finds, paintings, a Robert Koch exhibition, historic film material from the year 1923 and one of the most important collections of historic technical models. 


The exhibition mine

For visitors to the Upper Harz Mining Museum, passing through the exhibition mine - with its installations above and below ground - it certainly the highlight. The best way to get to know the mine, which has been put together in historically accurate form from original buildings and mining equipment to form Germany's first technical open-air museum, is with the help of a guide. But the exhibition mine is also an experience without preparation for visitors who are in a hurry.


Outdoor area

In addition to a 200-year-old shaft building with the visitor gallery, original mining installations that had to be disassembled at their original locations have been rebuilt in the open-air area of the museum. Horse capstan, wheel chamber, ore processing plant and mining forge have all found their place here.