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19-Lachter-Stollen and 13-Lachter-Stollen in Wildemann

A journey into the depths of the earth

The deep water drainage galleries that emerge in the mining town of Wildemann were some of the most important installations for Upper Harz silver mining. For centuries they drained water out of the mines higher up and without them mining operations in Zellerfeld and Clausthal would not have been possible. The miners' journey into the depths of the earth began in 1525. Starting at the Pochgraben ditch, the tour follows the path of the water above and below ground. Away from the usual guided tour route, discover the visitor mine and its highlights, the length of the galleries and the depth of the shaft. Experience the historic mining town of Wildemann on the Halbe-Höhen-Weg. Continue above ground to the mouth of the 13-Lachter-Stollen gallery.