Above-ground World Heritage guided walks


Hirschler-Pfauenteich Cascade

Water on a high level





Zellerfelder Kunstgraben

Of emperors, miners and machines





Auerhahn Cascade in the Bockswiese Mining Area

The largest pond cascade in the Worl Heritage 




Oderteich and Rehberger Graben

An outstanding example of an energy supply system that is still in use today.





Polsterberger Hubhaus and Dammgraben

Miners as architects and engineers




Pond landscape around Buntenbock

Water and colourful meadows





Sperberhaier Damm and Großer Kolk

The monumental Harz aqueduct





Huttaler Widerwaage

Where water flows backwards




Rosenhof Mining Area and Round Wheel Chamber

Descend 24m into an installation that is built into the ground like the inside of a mighty tower.



Legends of Harz

Interesting legends and myths from the Upper Harz - and at the same time the Upper Harz Water Management System will be explained in an entertaining way.