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Rosenhof Mining Area and Round Wheel Chamber

Evidence of the past in the Great Clausthal Valley

Start at the World Heritage Ottilie-Schacht on the Bremerhöhe on the western outskirts of Clausthal-Zellerfeld and discover the "sunken" Great Clausthal on this easy hike. Mighty industrial plants - the most modern of their time - once shaped the landscape. You can still see their ruins today. Take a journey through time into the world of miners with one of our expert World Heritage guides, have the function of a poch ditch explained to you, or marvel at the tunnel mouth of the Altensegener Rösche. You visit the Runde Radstube before you return along the Bremerhöher watercourse to the starting point.


Virtual sightseeing of the terrain of the Ottiliae-Schachtes

Virtual sightseing of the round Radstube