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Polsterberger Hubhaus and Dammgraben

Miners as architects and engineers

The Dammgraben ditch system brings water from the distant upland moors around the Brocken and on the Bruchberg to the plateau around Clausthal-Zellerfeld. In the Polsterberger Hubhaus, today a forest restaurant, pumps driven by water wheels lifted the water 18 metres higher, into the Hirschler and Jägersbleeker storage ponds. The ore-rich mines Dorothea and Caroline needed a lot of water to hoist the coveted silver ore from the depths. On this easy circular tour you will investigate the most important "distribution nodes" in the Upper Harz Water Management energy supply system. At the pump house, the old water wheel chambers, the Polstertaler Teich pond and the numerous water transport ditches you will find out how water wheels provided the silver mines in the "Burgstätter" mining area with energy for centuries.